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A Taste of Cape Cod at Dan'l Webster Inn

A Taste of Cape Cod at Dan'l Webster Inn

I'm not sure about your family, but in our family, so many memories revolve around the table. Saturday and Sunday morning cartoons after a nice hearty breakfast, birthday dinners celebrating each year older we would get, family get-togethers, Sunday dinners... the memories are endless. That's exactly what we try to create at Dan'l Webster Inn. Our locals love to come visit. We've become their birthday dinner favorite spot. Our sports fans come and share a drink at our Tavern while watching their favorite team. We pride ourselves in our food, our service and our culinary staff.

Sandwich Summers

Beaches on Cape Cod

It's no big secret that summers on Cape Cod are how many families choose to spend their vacations. While it can get expensive, there are some ways to save money - including staying with us and taking advantage of one of our packages! Below, you'll find 3 ways to have a blast on the Cape this summer and still save a little cash at the same time.

Romantic Birthdays at Dan'l Webster Inn

Surprise Birthday Package

If you were to poll people in the United States about their best birthday to date, what do you think would make the top 5? Would it be the big parties? The extravigant gifts? Or would it be the birthdays spent making memories with the people they love most in life?

Whale Watching On Cape Cod

Whale Watching on Cape Cod

Spring is here and on Cape Cod, that means Whale Watching Season has arrived! We're very excited this time of year and for good reason. If you've never witnessed the majesty of a whale breaching or even just coming to the surface, you are in for a real treat. 

Unique Cape Cod Birthdays

Unique Birthday Gift

Ah, the universal struggle: Buying the perfect birthday gift. Some of us are better gift-givers than others, but we all struggle on some level when it comes to giving that special someone a unique gift that we know they would absolutely love. But what if we made your job a little easier?

Travel Guide: A Romantic Weekend Getaway in Sandwich

Romantic Vacation on Cape Cod

February is a short and sweet month on the Cape. The holidays are long gone, and this month brings the long-awaited promise of Spring. Between being cooped up in the house during the cold winter months, the long days at work, taking care  of yourself and your family, and making sure the house isn’t a complete and total mess, you and your sweetheart definitely need to take some time and get away from it all. But it isn’t always easy to coordinate schedules and take days off of work. On top of that, planning a long trip can seem overwhelming and stressful.

6 Reasons To Have a Spring Wedding

There are so many things we love about spring! After a long winter on the Cape, the warmer temperatures and spring sunshine are welcomed – as is the landscape, as gardens transform with new vibrant color and fragrance. It’s changes like these that make the season perfect for tying the knot. The Dan’l Webster Inn is the perfect venue to host your Cape Cod wedding, and with several unique wedding packages to choose from, the planning process is simplified and your special day is flawless. While a wedding on Cape Cod is idyllic any time of year, springtime is an especially magical season.

Dan’l Webster Inn | 4 Reasons To Visit Cape Cod in The Fall

Autumn is a magical time of year on the Cape. From the crisp autumn air, to the spectacular fall foliage and all the vibrant colors that come with it. Come and see for yourself why fall is the Cape’s most wonderful season when you book your stay at the Dan’l Webster Inn. We recommend our romantic Jarves Suite, luxuriously appointed Webster Suite or our elegant Fessenden Suite for your fall getaway. Relaxing in an oversized whirlpool tub or lounging in front of a warm fireplace is the perfect end to your day!

Dan’l Webster Inn | Have a Whale Of A Time On Cape Cod

Cape Cod Whale Watching Whale Tail

Cape Cod is a world-class destination for whale watching. Whether you’re in town on vacation, or if you’re a local looking for an exciting staycation, there’s nothing better than spending a day at sea admiring majestic marine life while enjoying the salty air and the exceptionally beautiful views of the Cape. The whale watching season on Cape Cod whale begins in mid-spring, as hundreds of these magnificent creatures migrate to their summer feeding grounds off the Massachusetts coast. The season comes to an end when the whales head back south for the winter. On the excursion, you’ll get the chance to observe a diverse assortment of whale species. Humpbacks, finbacks, orcas, right whales, and pilot whales are just a handful you may encounter!