Not Your Grandparents' Cape Cod Restaurant

Welcome to our new blog. We are excited to give you an INNside Look at all things Dan’l Webster and more. From our fascinating history, hotel information and travel tips to wine tid-bits, recipes, spa and beauty news and even local events, our goal is to share an INNtimate perspective on what we’re all about.

So, for my first blog, I’d like to talk food because just the other day, I ran into a friend whom I haven’t seen in a while. We were talking about where our careers have taken us, and when I told her I worked at the Dan’l Webster, her response was “I’ve heard of that place. My parents and grandparents used to go there for dinner.” I asked her if she’s been to our restaurant and she said she’d never thought of it. “I just think of it as my grandparents’ restaurant.”

If I had a penny for every time I've heard that! But, this was my chance to tell my friend all the things she DIDN'T know about the Dan'l Webster Restaurant. Yes, the Dan'l Webster may be one of the oldest restaurants in town with a very historic name, but our menu and atmosphere are truly FAR from OLD! Veal Oscar at the Dan'l Webster Inn

Our chef's creative menu is fresh, contemporary and delicious. Seriously, my grandmother would never think of ordering Lemongrass Dusted Sea Scallops, Beef Crabioli or Shrimp and Tofu Pad Thai! Of course, we also serve favorites such as Prime Rib of Beef, Veal Oscar and Herb Roasted Swordfish, but all with our own special flare. For example, we age our own prime rib so it is more tender, our Veal Oscar is finished with béarnaise sauce and cabernet demi glace, both made to order in-house, and our swordfish is roasted with herbs grown in our own gardens at the inn. Also, with so much focus on "buying local" lately, how much more local can we get when we smoke our own salmon and bacon, grow our own edible flowers and employ a special dessert chef to create our very own delectable desserts!

Plus, we’ve received Cape Cod Life’s Reader’s Choice “Best Fine Dining” Award since 1994…the ONLY restaurant on the Upper Cape to receive such acclaim.

Obviously, she was quite impressed. So much so that she made a date with her husband and the Dan’l Webster for the very next weekend! I haven’t seen her again, but she did send me an email thanking me for getting her to try the Dan’l Webster. She said she now thinks of it as “HER restaurant”!

So come experience all we have to offer, we know you’ll make the Dan’l Webster YOUR restaurant too!