5 Ways to Keep From Going Stir-Crazy

working remote

While there's absolutely no reason any of us need to prep for what's recently hit our country by hoarding toilet paper, we do need to do what is needed to sustain our mental health. Being limited to one small area, often sharing space (even with those we love) can take a toll on anyone. We wanted to give you some tips help keep you at the top of your game.

Keep some routines the same

If it's Monday and Mondays are usually a work day for you, do all of the same things you would do to get ready for work. We're creatures of habit and when disruptors come, often it just feels better to keep the things we can control - under control! So, if waking up at 6:00 am is your normal - wake up at 6. Shower, make coffee, brush your theeth. Get ready to tackle your day, even if it means some of the scenery has changed. 


Co-work virtually

You felt it in early parenthood and you're likely to start feeling it again soon if you're working from home: You need adult time. Reach out to your work buddies and see if they'd be interested in co-working virtually. Literally, just do your work and strike up conversations you would've started with your cubicle-mate or co-worker. We all need socialization, plus it makes you feel less isolated which is even more important during times like this. Softwares like Zoom, Webex and Skype are great for this type of working arrangement.


If you have school-age kids, keep them occupied

We just wrote a blog dedicated to parents who are working from home and have kids home from school for our sister-property, Cape Codder Resort & Spa. Check out a few different ways to keep the kids occupied, busy and drained of energy so it makes your life just a little easier. From treasure hunts to coin accessories, these ideas will help you out.

Take the time to invest in yourself

There really isn't a better time to invest in you. Have you wanted to learn a new skill? Do you have a pile of books waiting for you to read them? A personal favorite for me is an online learning platform called Udemy. If you want to learn about anything from how to paint to how to design a website, it can be found on here. They run sales frequently that knock their course prices down to $9-$20 per class, so sign up and keep an eye out.

If you love to read, but never buy books for yourself because you don't have time, guess what you have now? LOTS of time. We're putting together some genres that might interest you and get you through this with ease. 


Self care doesn't have to look like massages and yoga retreats. Taking time for yourself can be doing any of the above things for yourself. It can also mean staying ahead of negativity, panic and anxiety. Staying mindful is so important in times like these. Our thoughts can spiral into an abyss of negativity and panic. One way to keep this under control is through guided meditation. One of my favorite apps for meditation is called Unplug. In this app, they offer you guided meditations for almost any situation you could imagine. Feeling overwhelmed, they've got you covered. Only have 3 minutes to zen out? Not an issue. Angry? They've got a meditation for that too. Take time to experience nature. Breathe. 

I hope we've provided you a little knowledge on how to get through the coming days and weeks. Stay well.