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Dan’l Webster Inn | Have a Whale Of A Time On Cape Cod

Cape Cod Whale Watching Whale Tail

Cape Cod is a world-class destination for whale watching. Whether you’re in town on vacation, or if you’re a local looking for an exciting staycation, there’s nothing better than spending a day at sea admiring majestic marine life while enjoying the salty air and the exceptionally beautiful views of the Cape. The whale watching season on Cape Cod whale begins in mid-spring, as hundreds of these magnificent creatures migrate to their summer feeding grounds off the Massachusetts coast. The season comes to an end when the whales head back south for the winter. On the excursion, you’ll get the chance to observe a diverse assortment of whale species. Humpbacks, finbacks, orcas, right whales, and pilot whales are just a handful you may encounter!


Top 5 Family-Friendly Things to Do While On Vacation In Sandwich Massachusetts

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Want to get away from it all and take a vacation where you don't need a vacation after it's over? A vacation to Sandwich, Massachusetts is just a few clicks away. We ‘re all too familiar with the schedules most families struggle to meet. Get Jonah to soccer practice. Drive Julie to dance lessons. Which do you go to: Julie’s dance recital or Jonah’s soccer game? Do you feed the kids fast food chicken nuggets or meal plan so they get healthy choices? If you decide to plan meals, where do you carve out time for that? We all know that stress has several effects on mental and physical health.

'Tis the Season

Here it is, December and Christmas is everywhere. I haven’t started my shopping yet; I don’t know what to get for anyone this year. Many of those on my list are fortunate enough to not “need” anything per se, and I’m not feeling moved to shop for just any old gift anymore.