Amazing Luncheon

Service:5 - ★★★★★ Excellent
Cleanliness:4 - ★★★★☆ Good
Amenities:4 - ★★★★☆ Good
Experience:5 - ★★★★★ Excellent
Average Score:4.5 - ★★★★☆

Thank you...for an amazing luncheon yesterday. Lynne and I received so many compliments on the venue and the food (I would love the recipe for the delicious gravy served with the meatloaf). Dana and her waitstaff were exemplary and took care of everything we needed, right down to the luncheon labels and the special food orders. This was very much appreciated. We loved the way the rooms were set up -- the table groupings were perfect for conversing with everyone, and the area to display our quilts and other "stuff" worked out so well. The baskets for our votes were much better than the decorated paper bag I had brought. Thank you for providing these.